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Guns, helmets, grenades. Not real, but toys. From childhood, boys are fond of playing war games. The game becomes a huge scale, from a pair of wooden guns, setting up entire battles and fights. With the development of technology, play war games much easier, and most importantly where spectacular. That is why different game about the war are very popular among the boys, who just can not break away from them. From full-length serious games about war are not far behind and flash games that simulate battles and entire battle. The advantages of such games in a much more simple operation, less serious games, and of course high-speed downloads. So play war games online can be just a few seconds after launch - the game loads quickly, and immediately pulled into a colorful, well-drawn, the world of war. Immediately after starting the game allows you to choose the main character, and which will continue to operate. Immediately after selecting a player with his head dipped in large-scale battles. Grenades, machine guns, first aid kits, cartridges - all joking aside, this is a war! War games for boys, being one of the most popular series of flash games, addictive user's ears to the fascinating world of events. And not only the boys, which focuses the audience, and the girls, and adults - all with immersing themselves in a colorful game world, and permanently addicted to it. All the events in the game very dynamic, so time to think a player has almost none. War is not a joke! There needs reaction speed, attention, and accurate eye - and only then you can exit the game-winner. War games have pleased a wide range of users, and a few years of its existence, has acquired a number of modifications, additions, and extensions. However, they all converge to one simple game - voynushki that her childhood friend to everyone. We should also note that the game enjoys as a large number of not only children but also adults. Because it greatly helps relieve stress, relax, and get away from business, even during business hours. Since it is available online, and does not require a lot of resources. war game great fun for boys of all ages, which will give a lot of emotion, enthusiasm, and make a little worried about the fate of his hero. All this makes the game a bestseller in the online gaming world, to attract more and more fans who long "hang" in front of their screens, which the unfolding real war!

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