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The invention of weapons forever changed the history of mankind. Despite the danger, the weapon literally attracts people is not the first century. If you are interested to experience what it means to shoot, the online shooter game will help you with this. In this section of our site contains a variety of shooting games can inspire long. Some shooters give an idea of ​​the first samples of weapons capable of hitting targets at a distance. Of such weapons has long deserved popular bow and crossbow. However, the use of these weapons is not so simple. So many games the main objective is to engage targets at a distance and with the wind and obstacles. With the development of the technology developed and weapons. There are many games in which interestingly enough is implemented using the very first small arms - muskets. It should be noted that due to the special atmosphere of playing shooting games in this category is very interesting. After all, you can feel like a valiant soldier, adventurous musketeer or fierce pirate. A special category is the game about cowboys. Probably hard to imagine those first adventurers in the Americas without a hat, boots and spurs, horses and, of course, the revolver. In addition to the shootings at the bar, you can also take the role of sheriff, fighting criminals. And you can, on the contrary, as the attack on the van with money and gold. A special category, of course, make up games, dedicated dueling cowboys. There were these duels as follows: two cowboys became opposite each other on the deserted street, holding a pistol in a holster. And then everything was solved by a trick, and hit a few moments. The first to snatch a sure Colt and accurately hit the opponent, he lived. Of course, shooting games online is also devoted to a more modern military conflicts. In them you will feel yourself in the shoes of a soldier on the battlefield, or special forces. Roles can be many, but the goal is to be one - quickly and accurately shoot enemies. Moreover, in many games will be available to new weapons and pumping skills and character. In some games, situations and story are fantastic. For example, you have to fight for his life with hordes of rotting zombies, or alien invaders who came clearly to the world. Here the situation is not exactly implies leniency from the enemy. Whatever role you choose, know that you can rely only on their hand that does not tremble at the right time and in the weapon that will give misfire. In any case, our website for free Shooting games can be played by anyone.

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