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To paraphrase a classic, ask, "Who does not like to drive fast?" There will be a little bit. Almost everyone gets great pleasure from the speed. But not everyone has the opportunity to get behind the wheel. And if you're at the wheel - there are many restrictions and rules that are not be violated. And so eager! Here for such extreme and created racing games. According to the statistics of the race - the most popular games to date. Racing games online offered in many genres: highways, trails to overcome obstacles, freight routes, racing, shooting, racing, air, water and even space. A racing trucks generally striking in its diversity. You can be a pilot of Formula I, to drive buggies, off-road, motorcycle. You can drive a truck or bike. And there's a whole series of fantastic racing facilities: various aircraft, including UFOs, flying surfboards, there is even the dragon race. In short, online race in its variety to satisfy the most demanding tastes. In some games, the idea is more complex: in order to play in the race to invest in your race car means to improve its handling characteristics, then tune and then you get admission to. You can become dragreyserom if you agree to completely change your car, making it a dream of generations. In this game, you get extra points for drifting - beautiful turns and drifts on difficult tracks. Playing the race game for free, you can not only be worn at high speed, but also experience other car's features. And it is not always associated with the sport. You will have the opportunity to work the taxi driver, deliver passengers to the addresses at the same time having been in different cities and even countries. And there is another version races where your salvation depends on the vehicle speed and driver skill. Imagine a city inhabited by zombies, from which you will have to get out through the crowd of horrible monsters. Delay, much less stop - death. Only talent riders can save you. There are other racing game created based on famous movies or cartoons. It creates the illusion that you are taking part in the filming of a movie you love. Games race is constantly updated. There are more and new games come out updated versions of old favorite. Try it, choose your favorite, and compete with your friends online and win!

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