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In order not to get lost in a lot of games in this category try to be divided into several large groups. First assign game created based on famous movies. An example is a game that emerged after the same movie, based on the book of Chuck Palahniuk - "Fight Club." Like the movie, the game was pretty tough and bloody, requiring a lot of nervous tension and skill. For romantic fantasy genre fans there is another group of fighting - such as, for example, the iconic Star Wars game. Third, much category - fight through cartoons and comics. The most famous is a game created by comic Batman. Recently, a lot of games, which are based on the Japanese manga comics. And the last category - games story, written especially for them. An example is a series of games about hobo hobo. This is a story about a loser, tired cuffs. He decided to learn how to give offenders resistance and very good at spotting them. But with the cult game, in which a whole generation - Mortal Kombat - left on the contrary. Based on the game was made quite a popular movie of the same name. As they say fans of this genre in the fight game play fun when the game is fun, fast-paced plot. Therefore, the creators of game-fights and try to diversify their income this to the extreme. You can get into the most dangerous places in the world where you will be surrounded by crime bosses and their gangs. Or, conversely, suddenly you find yourself in a cartoon world, where suddenly stolkneshsya not childish opponents. Maybe you have to fight the gladiators in the arena of ancient Rome or the ninja of medieval Japan. If you love science fiction - you are waiting for the warlike aliens or mutated virus from space astronauts have turned into cannibals. There Fight games comic, where, besides a drive, you can charge a fair amount of humor. Play fighting is never boring. Heroes of the game are constantly studying, improving their skills, learn how to use various weapons to use in battle means available. In some games, the main character can be "pumped", making his skills and weapons even more deadly. Play games for free and without a fight download - it's very convenient. You just need to enter the lunch break on the game site and choose to play games online fight - and pleasant relaxation you provided.

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